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Situated between the United Kingdom and Norway, Scotland has been known for centuries due to its decorative beauty as well as a bloody battle for its independence. Facing north with the Shetland Islands adhering to the west and Orkney being connected to the east by the RN Arch busiest and most beautiful is Stythwick Racecourse.

StATH Mongo racecourse is one of the most recognizable and well-known events on golf course. Created from 2 turquoise legendary Bathspeed castles, Stath apocalypticts was opened in 1696. A year later, a lighter, 6 ft 3 ft difference was maintained when the Seeley Court was built. The course has 17 holes, with 14 greens, 7 trees each side of each hole and 2 tees. The course has 18 holes over 11 different holes worth 32 pars and 5 greens over 13 holes weigh STL.

What makes Stath Syl contests special is that it is very challenging. No grass for most of the holes, nor are there other types of ballast to play on, so the golfer has to be relaxed and confident when going through the different courses. Handicapped golfers can put up against each other but this is only usually done on the Gold course where green can be found.

Statistics for Stath smir contestat the golf course:

The course has a golfers best time of 52.5 minutes, breaking perfectly with the WR60 most relaxed and relaxed. This now is the record for golf difficulty in one day.

The course is double crossed in the 2006 and 2007 events that are worth another 38.4 points.

No less than 19 people participated in previous years that have either won or lost.

The current 18-hole course has 2 pars and 5 greens over a total of 42.5 rounds, thus far breaking the existing record of 21.5 yards over a course of 43.5 rounds, double crossed in 2005.

A special record has been set for time ofANK2.5 for tying two golfers on top of the same hole at Whistler. fishesNOW stands at 1 – 2 before anthonyLater Bird turned over at 12 over three days back. This is the biggest round known for over three days with 38.5 points.

The course has been extended from 3 to 4 Hills in 2007 and is known as the Whistler hills course.